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Career Partner Profiles

Meet some of our Career Partners here. The Institute has more Career Partners than any other RTO (Registered Training Organisation) across Australia. Our Career Scouts are here to help you connect with employers prior to finishing your course, so you can get started in your new career sooner.

National Career Partner: Booty Camp

Tell us about Booty Camp.

Booty Camp is boot camp, but just for girls. The 6 week courses are specifically designed to get our girls fit, get their metabolism burning faster and target the bits of their bodies girls care about – flat stomachs, shapely legs and toned arms. We won’t yell at our girls because that’s not our style; we're not military style or weight lifters.

What type of Personal Trainers would fit in well at Booty Camp?

Booty Camp loves energetic, enthusiastic and motivated Trainers with a passion for outdoor training. We love both female and male trainers.

Why is working at Booty Camp a good starting point in a student’s career?

Booty Camp has a program designed for new and student Trainers to give them the necessary skills to become an awesome Booty Camp Trainer. We ensure that our new Trainers are not just put into a class and left there on their own – we teach, guide and mentor them along the way.

What makes Booty Camp a great place to work?

Not only do you get to work for an amazing company, you get to work in some of the best locations Australia has to offer. What’s more, the girls that sign up with Booty Camp have health and fitness goals and the satisfaction that you receive when you help them with their journey is second to none.

Is long-term career progression available at Bootycamp?

We do have a career progression path within Booty Camp. We also reward great work and love to pay bonuses to our trainers.

Where is Booty Camp based?

We currently have courses running in NSW, VIC, SA, ACT, QLD and FNQ.



SA Career Partner: Jetts Fitness

Jetts Fitness have thousands of members joining every month, with a huge selling point of no contracts, no crowds, and 24/7 access. We speak toTristan Goc, Director of Corporate Operations of Jetts Fitness to find out what’s in it for you.

Why work at Jetts Fitness?

We offer a non-competitive supported environment to build a successful personal training business. Benefits include low rental structure and paid gym shifts, minimal start-up administration fees, and clubs cap personal trainers to ensure maximum client to trainer ratios. We also have state of the art equipment and the 24/7 access maximises training times and earnings.

Where are you located?

We have multiple locations nationwide and in New Zealand. Currently we have 11 established clubs, two more in pre-sales, and we’re always on the lookout to expand further. We are the fastest growing franchise in Adelaide.

What skills do you look for in a graduate?

Passion and drive are two of the biggest attributes we look for. We place a large appreciation on graduates who have achieved Masters Trainer’s qualifications. Graduates must have a business plan and career plan for future development within the industry.

How can graduates stand apart?

Punctuality (be on time or even better slightly early), preparedness (know what you want to achieve from personal training, why you joined the industry, what you can offer to our members, i.e. your clients), professional appearance (professional neat and tidy appearance and attitude), and a plan (business and career)!

What kind of people will fit in?

People with energetic and vibrant personalities. You need be a hard worker, with an understanding that this is much more than just a job, but instead, a career.

What are the career opportunities here?

Personal training and business development, and internal promotions to management positions are always encouraged.

What should students of the Institute be doing now?

Increasing their knowledge through a variety of courses, preparing for insurance, fitness industry registration and business registration, researching advertising avenues and costs, deciding on a business name and branding, and determining where their passion lies and the area(s) they wish to specialise in.

Finally, why did you partner with the Institute?

Because we are passionate about the development of quality trainers moving into the workforce and feel Jetts Fitness is the perfect model to mentor new graduates. 



National Career Partner: Fitness First

What makes Fitness First a great place to work?

With a constantly growing number of clubs and 350,000 members nationally you will always find plenty of opportunities to make the world a fitter place and gain the right credentials for a successful career in fitness industry. As a leader in the fitness industry we not only look after our members, but we also take a great pride in our teams, which provide exceptional service in the clubs.

What kinds of opportunities are there?

There are plenty of opportunities available from all parts of fitness club land including full-time/part-time or casual roles such as Floor Instructors, Group Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, Receptionists, Membership Consultants, etc.

What benefits are there?

The benefits include the number of locations so you are never too far from one of our clubs, security of the company with a global coverage, access to the extensive members base, innovative equipment and plenty of space for any kind of fitness training.

What skills do you look for in a graduate? 

We are looking for all the attributes that make fitness professionals successful in this fast-paced and customer-oriented industry. In the forefront of qualities we believe are the most important in graduates are the genuine passion for fitness and helping people, excellent customer service and client care skills, as well as possessing a fun and positive attitude. 

How can they stand apart?

The best way graduates can show genuine passion for the industry is being proactive in seeking opportunities. We offer a whole range of free programs for students/graduates that can be utilised for work place experience gaining and to show us that they are the right candidate for the job so to speak. 

Does it help to have extra qualifications?

Extra qualifications are always beneficial when searching for a job and there can never be enough knowledge to stop with self-development in the fitness industry. However, it is not the pre requisite of becoming part of our team as long as the minimum industry criteria is met. We have an extensive in-house training and development program in place providing our fitness team with consistent opportunities to gain additional qualifications and maintain our position as a leader in the fitness industry.

Visit the Fitness Firsters website for current career opportunities.


National Career Partner: Vision Personal Training

The Vision PT network is made up of passionate franchise owners providing a small, friendly environment, where personal attention comes first. “Vision Personal Training has partnered with the Australian Institute of Fitness, because they can deliver quality students on a regular basis,” says Andrew Simmons, Franchise Founder. “They also have campuses nationally to support our needs. Here’s what we’re currently looking for…

Personal Trainers

We are looking for motivated, punctual, committed and enthusiastic trainers to join our studio network in various locations in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and very soon, Perth.

In each studio, we’re seeking people who wish to become outstanding trainers and are willing to provide 5 star service to clients. If you want assistance to develop a client database, don't want to be tied into paying rent every week, and have most of the admin requirements taken care of by the Franchise, then Vision may be for you.

Vision is the perfect place for you to build a long-term career once you have finished Certificate IV, as we focus on ongoing education and personal development; we have the systems to support career progression to management – and franchise ownership (if you wish). After your induction, you will feel part of the Vision ‘community’ and can start training clients straight away!

Our Trainer Experience Program is available to you at all our studios and is something that you can do as part of your professional practice too.

Studio Managers

Many of our studios are growing so quickly that the need for managers is also never ending. If you believe you have the ability to grow a team of trainers through great leadership skills, positions are also now available.


Our goal is to open many more studios on the eastern seaboard and around Australia. So if you are seeking a great business opportunity that can provide you financial freedom as well as the opportunity to change people's lives, our franchise may be just for you.”


SA Career Partner: funkyfit kids

funkyfit kids is striving to lower childhood obesity by providing energetic activities for children in a safe environment. Their instructors are situated all over South Australia, and with plans to branch into other states too. We speak to funkyfit kids Director Dee Reynolds to find out more.

Why work at funkyfit kids?

It is an incredibly rewarding “job” – if it can possibly be called work! We all have so much fun with the children, and the teachers, principals, parents and children are all so appreciative of the energy we show the kids. Our motto is ‘encouraging children to believe in themselves and to shine with self-confidence’, which really sums up what we do. Our most important ‘client’ is the child. We have a very special way of making the children feel they can achieve anything they set their heart on. The key element running through all of our games, dances and activities is that each child is amazing in their own way. Each deserves to be treated equally and respectfully.

What skills do you look for in a graduate?

Someone who is able to put together and teach freestyle aerobics or dance. Organisation is key when working with children – preferably experience with school aged children and/or an ability to have fun with the children while maintaining a leadership role with them too. Behaviour management skills are also important, and the ability to allow children to add changes or variations to your class plans.

How can graduates stand apart?

Energy, enthusiasm, and showing that they love children, as well as teaching group fitness classes. Experience with children is appreciated.

What kind of people will fit in?

Instructors with freestyle training, a minimum of Cert III and senior first aid. Crimtrak police clearance to work with children is also essential.

What are the career opportunities here?

Licensing the funkyfit kids program will mean very little outgoing expense, for the possibility of a very significant income.

What should students of the Institute be doing now?

Freestyle aerobics training would be a great basis to begin teaching. When ready, send your resume to and request work experience with other funkyfit kids instructors to see if you enjoy teaching it before signing up to license

Finally, why did you partner with the Institute?

In the beginning, it was for exposure for my business through the FIRE nights. Over the last few years though, it has been a very valuable tool for finding instructors, sharing knowledge and information with graduates, having the opportunity to mentor students through their training and assessments and a great connection with the fitness industry professionals who work at Australian Institute of Fitness.



NSW Career Partner: Energize Health Club

Energize is a family business which began in 1997. Over these past years, Energize has assisted thousands of local residents to change their lives through exercise and continues to be a supporter of charities and local sporting clubs. The business has recently expanded and Energize now has studios in Forestville, as well as Belrose, NSW. We spoke to Garrick Transell, Business Development Manager to find out more.

Why start a career at Energize?

We are a non-contract employment model that offers continued CEC accredited training, as well as the highest pay rates in our model. We also offer ongoing mentoring and a friendly, non-competitive environment.

What type of work do you have on offer?

We offer casual personal training (minimum 20 hours per week) as well as reception, sales and administration positions.

What skills do you look for in a graduate?

The most important quality a new recruit can possess is the ability to communicate effectively. We are also looking for passionate experts (as our tagline goes).

How can graduates make themselves stand apart?

Graduates should present themselves as professional, passionate and personable. A good resume and being well dressed for a first interview goes a long way.

What kind of people do you want at Energize?

We want people who have ambitious goals. So far we have developed four of our trainers into Independent Gym Owners. We love people who are willing to put in a few yards for a long term goal. Passion is the key to your success, so we want people who are doing it for the right reason.

What should students be doing now to prepare themselves for work?

You should make the first contact and start to shadow our team members. The key in our relationship is you wanting the role as much as we want you.

Why did you partner with the Institute?

Almost half of our current team has come from the St Leonards campus!



WA Career Partner: Universal Health Network

Universal Health Network has locations in Western Australia, and many more are popping up every month. They are constantly looking for health professionals to run franchisees to provide intimate and personalised services. We speak to Glen Roth, Director of Health Services, to find out more.

Why work with the Universal Health Network?

We’re the only fitness company that doesn’t take an exponential slice of your revenue; our PTs take home 100% of what they earn. There’s also no weekly rent, just one low flat service fee per month which means the more money you make, the more the earn. We offer yoga, Pilates, massage, personal training, boot camps, hypnotherapy and Chi Kung. What’s more, we’re a referral network, which means other health professionals will send clients YOUR way.

What type of work do you have on offer?

UHN offers PTs and Massage Therapists an affordable chance to run their own business; you run your business your way. We continually support franchisees with print media, radio and online marketing campaigns, as well as ongoing support from the head office. UHN also offers a contract model of employment where PTs are given clients, and our yoga and Pilates instructors are given classes to run. The UHN Massage Division is now state-wide in WA, and offers you a chance to set up a business straight away at very low cost.

What skills do you look for in a graduate?

The 3 Ps – Perseverance, Passion Persistence. They all equal the same thing – the willingness to succeed!

How can graduates stand apart?

Be bright, bubbly and keen to learn and work. We offer the best personal training and massage business deal in Perth to those who want it the most.

What kind of people are you looking for?

We love co-operative people; health professionals that lend a hand to their fellow workers and love their clients.

What are the career opportunities here?

UHN Personal Trainers and Massage Therapists can further develop their health careers in a variety of roles including building a team underneath them with a master franchise, or moving up to a leadership role within the company like Divisional Head.

What should students be doing now to prepare for work?

Approach us and we’ll help start your process of getting business cards, registering your business, setting up your website and marketing material.

Why did you partner with the Institute?

Australian Institute of Fitness is Australia’s leading health professional institution. We feel that their graduates are better prepared for real-world work positions than other candidates from other schools.



NSW Career Partner: Ministry of Wellbeing

Ministry of Wellbeing prides itself on having Australia's most sought after personal trainers who strive to reach extraordinary levels to get results. Currently located in Bondi, NSW, but with plans to expand over the next six months to other parts of the Eastern Suburbs and North Sydney, Ministry of Wellbeing will have sub-contract and employee positions on offer. We speak to the Founder, Blake Worrall-Thompson, to find out more.

Why work at Ministry of Wellbeing?

Gone are the days a trainer just does the ‘sets and reps’ to make an impact to their clients lives. At Ministry of Wellbeing we understand that there is so much more to our clients health. We cover everything from goal setting, mindset, nutrition, sleep, stress, lifestyle management, energy and exercise, plus the important things to a trainer’s business such as sales skills, retention, how to get referrals and build a business that works with or without you.

What skills do you look for in a graduate?

We’re after passion, people skills and a desire to succeed. We can teach all the technical stuff, but if someone doesn’t have those key ingredients it wont work for them at Ministry of Wellbeing.

How can graduates stand apart?

The best way is to win one of the Australian Institute of Fitness’s awards. We all know that it’s easy enough to impress with a one-hour interview, but it’s the weeks with Australian Institute of Fitness where we find out your true character.

What kind of people will fit in?

The type of people we look for are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Ministry of Wellbeing understands that the health industry as a whole is weak and we want to do whatever it takes to stand out from the crowd.

What are the career opportunities here?

We have a timeline for each and every trainer. Initially they will work under a license and work their way towards ‘full books’. If we think they are ready to tackle it alone they will become a sole trader and then from there be in a position to potentially run a license.

What should students be doing now?

Talk with someone that has been in the industry and learn as much as you can from them.

Finally, why did you partner with the Institute?

I studied with Australian Institute of Fitness and they are the best. I want the best employees and they will come from the Institute.



National Career Partner: Step Into Life

Step Into Life is the leader in group outdoor personal training in Australia. With opportunities to own a franchise, this is the perfect career solution if you enjoy training people outdoors. We speak to John Pidgeon, SA Master Franchisee to find out more.

Why work at Step Into Life?

You get to work in the great outdoors with a professional team that has changed lives since 1995

What skills do you look for in a graduate?

Mature, reliable, and with an outgoing personality

How can graduates stand apart?

They should make initial contact with a personalised approach, and do their own research on Step Into Life

What kind of people will fit in?

People who work hard and relate well to all ages and both genders

What are the career opportunities here?

To either become an Assistant Trainer at any of our venues or own a franchise

What should students of the Institute be doing now?

Make contact and get the ball rolling. Strive until you get what you want!

Finally, why did you partner with the Institute?

They are a well-recognised provider within the fitness industry, which gives Step into Life the ability to find the top trainers coming through into the field.