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Career Opportunities

EFM Health Clubs employ over 150 Fitness Coaches & Personal Trainers throughout Australia. We pride ourselves on providing members with a unique Personal Fitness Coaching experience & offering our staff a career path to suit their individual aspirations. We have a range of career & business opportunities including:

Casual Employment

EFM Casual Fitness Coach

Most members of the EFM team commence as a Casual Fitness Coach, which assists in building your knowledge, experience, confidence & getting your career within EFM started. Casual Fitness Coaches are remunerated at a rate of approximately $28.20 per hour, depending on experience & qualifications.

Personal Training Positions

EFM has two career options for Personal Trainers.

Our personal training opportunities allow you to run your own Personal Training business within a Franchise, or carry out personal training sessions as an employee. A unique advantage to EFM Personal Trainers, is that individual clubs will generally have only 1-3 Personal Trainers working at their club. With regards to payment, we provide our Personal Trainers with two income options.

Option 1:


A flat licence fee paid to the Franchise Owner each month, where you keep 100% of your personal training revenue. This fee varies from club to club, but is approximately $150 - $200 per week.

Option 2:


Allows you to run your own personal training sessions within EFM as an employee. You receive a payment on a per session basis, typically around 50% of the member’s personal training fee. For example, a 30 minute PT session charged at $40 would result in a $20 payment to you for the 30 minutes.

You can liaise direct with the Franchise Owner on which option is most suitable for your circumstances before you commence.


Club Manager positions

The Club Manager role typically entails approximately 25-30 hours of taking our group Fitness Coaching sessions & then 10-15 hours of administration per week (maintaining member records, marketing, converting leads etc).

Club Managers typically work in conjunction with the Franchise Owner and/or EFM Head Office staff.

Club Manager remuneration varies depending on the club & your experience, but the role generally includes a salary plus incentives for growing membership.

The Club Manager position maybe an ideal lead-in to gain further experience before starting your own EFM Franchise.

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