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Fitness Inside Out

Fitness Inside Out

Join Us - Become a Mobile Trainer 

No matter if you are just starting out or an experienced trainer the tools and support that you are provided as a Fitness Inside Out Licensed trainer will help you manage and grow your personal training business.
We all know that running your own business on your own with out the support of like minded colleagues or following proven business methods can be difficult and take time for you to learn from your mistakes until you get it just right.  At Fitness Inside Out we will provide support to help you grow your mobile personal training business, attract new clients and manage your business from billings to programming. 

What does Fitness Inside Out provide?

Fitness Inside Out provides each trainer the opportunity to build their own personal training business by providing:
Clients: You receive client leads through our marketing and promotion activities to kick start your business

Marketing: You receive in your starter kit marketing and promotional materials to promote yourself along with regular campaigns

Billing Services: Fitness Inside Out will manage your ongoing client billings, offering Direct debit and Credit cards services for your clients. We will even provide this for your own clients that you have sourced yourself.

Fortnightly Income: Receive a fortnightly income from client fees. You earn 100% of the fees collected.

Fitness Inside Out online: A web based client management and retention system

Ongoing Support:
Mentoring and business coaching 

What does it cost? 

There are no large start up costs just a one-off joining fee and an ongoing weekly fee.


Who should become a Fitness Inside Out mobile trainer?

If you are looking to start your own business or looking to expand your current personal training business.
For more information on how to become a Licensed Fitness Inside Out Trainer, register online or call us during office hours on 1300 735 790.

Join us and become a Licensed Fitness Inside Out Trainer and kick start your mobile personal training business today!