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Fit n Fast


About Fit n Fast

Fit n Fast is Australia’s largest privately owned and operated Fitness Company that opened its first gym in Penrith in 2010. Led by an inspirational group of people with years of Fitness industry experience, they provide clubs that are comfortable and affordable for everyone.

Fit n Fast know how important ‘work life balance’ is so half of their clubs offer 24 hour access with more clubs due to make the switch soon. They also realise that people are often time poor so Fit n Fast offer the QUICKIE, a faster approach to fitness. You’ll be amazed at what results you can get out of an effective 30 minute workout! The QUICKIE is achievable, affordable and effective.Fit n Fast provide affordable membership options to ensure everyone can include fitness and health into their lifestyles and their gyms have more than 200 pieces of the latest equipment, group classes and expert Personal Trainers. As well as offering great value low cost memberships they also let members bring a mate for free when they work out to ensure they stay motivated and ultimately achieve their goals.


Why work for Fit n Fast?

As a Personal Trainer it can be very beneficial to come in to a new and growing Company. So why Fit n Fast?


What some current Personal Trainers say!

“You have the ability to work your own hours and earn your desired income. The development both business and practical provided is exceptional and will set you up for success” “Fit N Fast has quickly become my favourite place to be. I love the energy inside the gym, the dedication to ensure every member has a great experience and the great range of equipment. I'm excited to see the company grow by leaps and bounds in the next few years and help a lot of people become fitter and healthier!“

“I love that Fit n Fast represents the quick workouts. Too many PT's these days are trying to get all advanced and technical for their clients. I'm a big believer in short intense sessions. Most clients these days are either $ poor or time poor and this fits my model perfectly.”

“I LOVE the fact that I get up so early in the morning and really look forward to working. Fit n Fast keeps my mind free of all the things you don’t want to think about so while I am at work I am totally focussed on ensuring my club and PT business is as successful as I can make it.”

If you want to join in the action or have any questions at all please get in touch! Visit the Fit n Fast website.