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9 Questions To Ask At The End Of Your Gym Interview

9 Questions To Ask At The End Of Your Gym Interview

Just when you think the interview is coming to an end, they ask that inevitable question: Do you have any questions for us? Sometimes we’re ill-prepared, sometimes we’re over-prepared. Depending on the experience of the interviewer, they may have already answered all of the questions you had prepared. So, where does that leave you?

Instead of scrambling for any question to prolong the interview, here are 10 no-fail questions to ask at the end of your interview.

1. How Does This Business Define And Measure Success?

Posing this question not only shows your business-orientated thinking, it is a great opportunity to gage whether your ideals align. At larger franchised gyms, their expectations of their staff might be greater than at an independent gym. Franchises have to report to multiple levels of management, so you want to make sure that the effort you are willing to put into the job is enough for what the gym would expect. Sure, we all want to go above and beyond the call of duty, but if the bar is set too high and you constantly have to prove your worth to the company, sometimes your best may not be enough.

On the flip side, if you believe that your skills will help the business achieve success, explain how. Sell yourself.

2. What Is The Most Pertinent Thing I Would Need To Accomplish In The First 60 Days?

You may not know why the previous employee left, or whether they have left behind a mess or a packed group class schedule. Asking this question will not only force the interviewer to picture you in the role, it will also give you an idea of what the first two months of your employment would involve. If there are scheduling issues or interpersonal conflicts that needs to be resolved, you can explain how you would resolve the issues while still growing into the role.

3. What Are The Current Goals Of The Company?

Companies are always thinking of how they can expand to grow their reach and customer base. Are they looking to start a franchise? Will they be opening more locations? If this is the case, you might have to work across two locations.

Or, are they planning on renovating and adding more rooms for group classes? If they plan to start a cycle class, share your experience with running a spin class at your previous gym. Show the employer how you can help the company achieve these goals with ease.

4. What Does A Typical Day Of Someone In This Role Entail?

If they are hiring a new Personal Trainer and not replacing an old one, how many prospective clients do they already have lined up? And if not, what other roles would they have you complete around the gym while you grow your client base?

5. Will I Be Working As Part Of A Team? What Strengths Could I Bring To The Existing Team?

This is a great question to ask to gage your working conditions and to see how your strengths would benefit the company. It will also make the employer reiterate your previously mentioned strengths, which will stick with them through the hiring process.

6. What Do You Enjoy Most About Working For This Gym Or Gym Franchise?

This is where you can further the rapport you’ve built with the interviewer. If they are passionate about their job, they will feel great talking about it. If not, you may want to reconsider whether or not this gym is the right fit for you.

7. Do You Offer Continuing Education And Professional Training Opportunities?

Whether you have just finished up your fitness studies or have been working in a gym for over 10 years, showing your future employer that you’re interested in growing your knowledge is vital. It is also great to hear about any initiatives they run, or conferences Personal Trainers can attend to better help their clients.

If they don’t currently, ask if they would consider it in the future. This will show you their willingness to change and to accommodate your study load if you decide to return to study.

8. Do You Have Any Concerns With My Application?

Although this is seen as a risky move, everyone should ask it. If they are concerned about your lack of experience, reassure them that you are a quick learner. It is also a good indicator as to whether you are getting a second interview/follow up phone call or not. If they have no concerns with your application, well done!

9. What Is The Next Step In The Process? Should I Expect A Second Interview?

This is vital information, so you know what to expect after you walk out of the interview room door. If a second interview is mentioned, make sure you know when you should hear back by. If you aren’t contacted by then, be sure to ring up and ask why you weren’t successful and how you can improve your chances for next time.

Always Be Prepared For A Gym Interview

You can never truly be over prepared for interviews, so study up and be confident. You received this interview over other applicants, so make the most of it!

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