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A Day in the Life of an Aqua Instructor Aqua fitness, also commonly known as aqua aerobics, is usually seen by the general public to be for the elderly. But the benefits of aqua fitness are applicable to everyone, and is something that should be promoted to all age groups.

Aqua Fitness Instructor, Presenter and creator of, Dom Gili, recently caught up with the Australian Fitness Network on what it takes to be an aqua fitness instructor.

Gili has been an aqua instructor since 1993, and was initially only a swim coach. One day he covered an aqua class for a sick colleague and was hooked. He was even fortunate enough to be mentored by industry name Kerri Parkinson, who runs aqua fitness workshops across Australia.

A typical day in an Aqua Instructor’s life revolves around classes in the mornings and afternoons, with the odd piece of business administration thrown in during the middle of the day. Gili also runs an industry website, so his day will usually involve some time spent on website maintenance and updating fellow aqua instructors with any industry news.

The key attributes needed to be an Aqua Instructor, in Gili’s opinion, are good communication and leadership skills, a sense of humour, and a sound knowledge of water principles. It also helps if you enjoy getting wet!

Not only will this role keep you fit and active no matter what the weather, but it will also introduce you to some amazing people in the industry. It is also easy an easy role to pair with being a swim coach, enabling you to fill your day in between aqua classes with swim lessons if you prefer to stay busy.

And the challenge for Aqua instructors now? To make aqua fitness a sexy workout, and to break into the 20-30yr old category.

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