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Do You Need To Be In Shape To Be A Personal Trainer?

Do You Need To Be In Shape To Be A Personal Trainer?

A Personal Trainer's body is their business card. Thankfully, there’s no one-body-fits-all expectation to look the part though. Here's what's acceptable.

Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

The general rule for jobs in fitness is that you should exude the perception of being able to do your job properly. While you don't have to be in super-fit shape with bulging muscles to work in a gym, studio, or outdoor setting, a Personal Trainer is expected to be able to perform exercises in correct form, so you should be able to do this.

There’s no doubt is can be hard to gain respect from all types of potential clients if you’re out of shape or seen to be not leading a healthy lifestyle. You may have people wondering why you aren’t able to implement your own rules. Having said this, being ‘skinny fat’ may be an illusion just as if you’re a little out of shape you could be extremely fit.

Ultimately, personal training isn't about looking great – it's about coaching, delivering great exercise programs, and motivating other people to change and achieve their health and fitness or sporting goals. Yes, if you're looking after yourself it shows that you're capable of looking after your client, but if you’re known for getting results with your clients and you have great testimonials that will gain you credibility.

Tailor Your Image

What type of training do you offer? It's a good idea to look the part of what you specialise in so you can sell yourself. It paints a picture to clients that you know how to achieve goals and not just set them.

For example, are you about strength, weight loss, or endurance training? Maybe you're a mother who has a desire to help other mums shed their post-pregnancy baby weight. You may even have a knack for working with mature-aged adults. If you specialise in a niche training market and show signs of fitting in, it's much easier to attract that population. 

Be Your Own Case Study

If you’re thinking of becoming a Personal Trainer or you are one already and you consider yourself a bit out of shape then why don’t you show your clients that you’re your own best case study and transform yourself? You could announce what you’re doing and take photos along the way to use on your Facebook page.

What do you think? Do you need to be in good shape to be a Personal Trainer?

If you haven’t yet made that first step to your personal training dream, then download an info pack now!

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