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Fitness Salary Guide

Fitness Salary Guide

Jobs in fitness are often coupled with great earning potential and business opportunities. The reality is, people are increasingly enjoying the services provided by fitness and health professionals, which makes this booming industry a rewarding one to be part of.

When understanding fitness salaries, you must remember that they’re a base guide and shouldn't be viewed as black and white.

 Fitness Instructor/Gym Instructor

  • Education: Certificate III in Fitness
  • Location: Self-employed or may work for one or a number of fitness centres
  • Salary: $14-$55 per hour or $23,000-$50,000 per annum
  • Similar role: Gym Floor Supervisor (usually a lower pay)

Personal Trainer

  • Education: Certificate IV in Fitness, and the Diploma of Fitness is highly regarded
  • Location: Self-employed or may work for one or a number of fitness centres
  • Salary: $40-$80 per hour or $10,000-$136,000 per annum
  • Similar role: Exercise Therapist (usually a higher pay)

It’s common for Personal Trainers to be paid on an hourly basis depending on experience and whether they are employed in-house at a gym/fitness centre or are self-employed and operate their own personal training business or franchise.

Strong earning potential is gained by maximising your fitness skills across multiple service areas, such as taking group fitness classes, doing extra qualifications in massage or the Diploma of Fitness, referral schemes and partnerships, and building a successful business.

Integrating something like group fitness or massage therapy into your business or gym role not only provides an extra revenue stream, but it also increases client retention. With massage your time-strapped personal training clients can benefit from the convenience of killing two birds with one stone: receive a supervised workout and finish up with a relaxing massage when done, and with group fitness you will often get members asking for your help with personal training too.

As well as considering salary when moving into the fitness industry, quality of life is also an important factor. You won't be stuck to a 9-5 job, plus you have the opportunity to work outside and you definitely won't be stuck to a desk. You'll be able to work more flexible hours, plus you'll often be working closer to home and avoid the daily commute you always hated.

Find out how to kick start your fitness career and get the lifestyle you've been dreaming of at the Australian Institute of Fitness.

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