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How Long Does It Take To Become A Personal Trainer?

How Long Does It Take To Become A Personal Trainer?

So you’ve decided that your career goal is to help people achieve their fitness goals, live healthier, and generally be happier? Congratulations, in making that decision you’ve taken the first step in the road towards having a job with one of the highest job satisfaction rates out there! Whether you end up employed at a gym, working with a sports team or athlete, or choose to start your own health business, a good Personal Trainer will remain in demand for as long as they work.

But what’s involved in becoming a Personal Trainer? There’s a lot of responsibility in the job; to make sure you’re providing good advice, understand what the health risks are for each client, and make sure that they avoid injury or complication during - or after - working with you. There is a real liability risk for Personal Trainers that don’t give out good advice, and that’s why all aspiring Personal Trainers should first complete a minimum level of specialist study before they start practicing.

Understanding The Critical Certificate

For Personal Trainers, there is now one nationally-recognised certificates that is effectively mandatory for any kind of Personal Trainer work. The good news is that you don’t need a diploma or degree to become a PT, but this certificate will first need to be obtained, so calculate for that when making plans about your future.

Certificate IV

The Certificate IV in Fitness is the minimum qualification required for you to operate as a Personal Trainer. In previous years you had to complete a Certificate III in Fitness before you could start your Certificate IV, but now you are able to enrol in Certificate IV straight away by completing several units of competency. More information can be found here.

What do you actually learn in this course?

Certificate IV offers quite a detailed understanding on all elements that come together to form “fitness.” This include:

  • Human anatomy and physiology - so that, at a basic level, you know how the body works.
  • Screening and assessing new members/clients - understanding how to “read” a new client and understand their needs and potential dangers.
  • Writing various health, fitness and workout programs - the key here is to do it responsibly, understanding the individual’s capabilities and developing a framework to help them meet their overall goals.
  • Nutrition advice and guidelines - a Personal Trainer is not a nutritionist, but they’ll still need to be able to give out good advice to clients.
  • The latest in gym, fitness and Personal Training equipment - all fitness professionals should stay right on top of developments in their industry.
  • How to establish and run a successful business - because many Personal Trainers do run their own businesses.
  • Small group training and boot camps - understanding how to read a crowd and create a tailored experience that benefits the group is an important skill for Personal Trainers.
  • Face to face practical training in a real gym setting - perhaps most importantly, Personal Trainers doing this qualification get valuable “hands on” time while being monitored so they can safely develop their skills.

Where Do Personal Trainers Actually Work?

The beauty of the Certificate IV qualification is that it opens a very wide range of job opportunities to you afterwards. In addition to working in gyms and fitness centers, Personal Trainers can find work as self-employed professionals, with professional athletes as part of the coaching outfit, at lifestyle centres and resorts, on cruise ships, at hotels, and anywhere else where a number of people might be looking for a training opportunities.

Where Do I Get This Qualification?

There are a large number of fitness colleges throughout Australia that offer the nationally-recognised Certificate IV in Fitness qualification.

Our recommended training provider is the Australian Institute of Fitness, the largest fitness training organisation in Australia. They have a long, reputable and established history in the Australian fitness world of providing instructive courses that create high-quality, in-demand and professional Personal Trainers.

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