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How To Write A Cover Letter For A Gym Job

How To Write A Cover Letter For A Gym Job

We’ve covered how to write a cover letter for a fitness job, but what if you are interested in applying to be a receptionist or a fitness manager at a gym?

The impression a potential employer gets from your cover letter and résumé is the difference between securing an interview and being pushed to the side. In order to land a role in a gym, you need to ensure that both your résumé and cover letter are tailored for the job you are applying for.

Before we breakdown the paragraph-by-paragraph workings of the perfect cover letter, here are some tips to make sure your CV makes a lasting impression:

Highlight The Keywords

If you are applying for an advertised position, make sure to highlight the keywords in the ad. For instance,

Are you a passionate, positive and personable team player who loves everything about the fitness industry?

Then, when you begin writing your cover letter, mirror the tone and keywords that they have used in the ad. This will automatically show potential employers that you not only understand their company and what they are looking for, but that you are the perfect candidate.

Don’t Include Too Much

Don’t crowd your cover letter with irrelevant experience and education. Everything has to be tailored to the specific role. If you are applying for a gym receptionist position, avoid detailing all of the menial tasks you completed working at McDonald’s. Instead, focus on the customer service and problem-solving skills you gained and how that would benefit you as a receptionist.

Write Enthusiastically

Don’t just summarise your résumé in your cover letter; this is your opportunity to sell yourself! Use succinct sentences, be persuasive, and ultimately, show your passion for the fitness industry through your use of tone and language.

Don’t Make It Too Long

Keep it short and simple! Do not exceed one page for your cover letter or two pages for your résumé. Employers will be sifting through dozens of CVs, so make sure that your application is straight to the point. Not only will employers be grateful that they don’t have to read through a five-page CV, it also forces you to be succinct, which creates a more direct and simpler read.

Include All Your Contact Details

Place your full name, contact number, email address, and date of application in the top-right-hand corner of your cover letter. This will make it easier for employers to contact you, as they won’t have to go searching through your résumé to find your details.

Most Important Information At The Top

Treat your cover letter like an inverted triangle. Spend the first hundred words detailing all relevant education and experience, leaving room to elaborate on one or two of your most relevant experiences or accomplishments later on.

Keep It Simple And Attractive

Like your résumé, keep your font and layout simple. By ensuring that your paragraphs don’t exceed 100 words each, not only will you keep your writing succinct, but your document will look neat and not overwhelming to the reader.

Cover Letter Template

To Whom It May Concern: [or, if known, employer’s full name]

Paragraph #1

The first sentence must state what position you are applying for and the company’s name or location. For example:

“I am very interested in the receptionist position at Fitness First, Strathfield.”


“Please accept my application for the receptionist position at Fitness First, Strathfield.”

Paragraph #2

Treat this paragraph like an introduction. Briefly describe yourself and your positive qualities, highlight any relevant qualifications you have, and mention your career highlights. By keeping this paragraph succinct and informative, you are enticing the employer to continue reading your letter.

Paragraph #3

Begin this paragraph by stating that you believe you are the perfect candidate for the role and then explain why. This is where you sell yourself! Respond to the job requirements and how you fulfill them. If you are missing one of the key requirements, explain why you should still be considered.

Paragraph #4

Reiterate how you fulfill (and exceed) the job criteria. This is also where you can show more of your personal attributes and passion for the fitness industry.

Paragraph #5

Indicate your availability to commence the position if successful, particularly if the job listing has outlined that they need someone as soon as possible.

I look forward to discussing this role further with you,


{your name}

Writing A Great Gym Cover Letter

If you keep your cover letter succinct, interesting and personable, you’ll have maximum chance of progressing to the next day of the process and securing an interview for yourself. It’s important to always include a cover letter, no matter what industry you plan on entering, as it gives your potential future employer an opportunity to learn a bit more about you, and for you to sell yourself and give the best first impression you can possibly give.

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