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Tips For Tackling A Personal Training Session With A New Client

Tips For Tackling A Personal Training Session With A New Client

How are you going to help your client reach their goals, and make sure you can retain them as a customer? Sometimes it’s not always as simple as knowing your stuff and having tip-top training techniques. It’s all about how you can apply your skills to each individual client. Read on for more tips on how to make sure your first Personal Training session is smooth sailing. Not only will this make sure both you and the client have a rewarding time, but these tips will significantly increase your chances of the first session becoming a repeat pattern.

Listen, Look And Learn

First of all, it’s time to engage with your client. Listen to what they want to achieve, learn about their past fitness history, and get a feel for who they are as a person. This will help you figure out the very best approach that you can tailor for each of your clients. You can have this conversation by email or phone before you start the session, so you can have have more time to come up with the plan for attack for them achieving their goals. 

Once you figure them out, don’t forget them! Make notes to help keep everyone straight, especially if you run a lot of group sessions. The success of your Personal Training business really depends on your ability to keep your clients separate from one another. People pay their Personal Trainers to help them achieve their fitness goals, so you need to keep the unique goals of your clients in mind during each session.

Make Plans To Reach Their Goals

Once you’ve listened and figured out your client’s goals, it’s time to get to the drawing board. A good PT will plan every minute of every session according to the needs of their client. Clients can tell when you are making things up on the spot, so be ready - no umming and ahing about what is going to come next. Planning in advance lets you give your client the most out of their session. It shows that you are motivated to help them get what they want from your sessions. Plus, planning in advance might let moments of inspiration come to you during the week, and let you craft an even more kick-ass workout.

Show That You Care

Great Personal Trainers have a real passion for their job. Helping people reach their fitness goals is rewarding work - you are making people's’ lives better, and helping them avoid health headaches down the track. Don’t forget this, and take the time to do your job well. You can show that you care by taking an interest in their lives and fitness progress, putting attention to detail in your PT sessions, and maintaining your focus during your workout (in other words, hands off your phone!). Be professional, punctual and present. Your client is trusting you with their health, and that’s a big deal.

Be There For Them

It’s important that you are easily contactable, and have good communication skills. Especially for first time clients and fitness newbies, who will probably have an array of questions about what they should and shouldn’t be doing. It’s up to you to help them along the way. Changing lifestyle habits, such as eating well, can be one of the most challenging steps on the road to better health, and you should be able to provide your clients with all the help and support that they need to make good choices.

Practice What You Preach

Nobody trusts someone who says one thing, and then does the complete opposite. First impressions are always important, but even more so when you are a PT. You need to be the living embodiment of your lifestyle advice, which means looking well and happy. Clients will probably not trust a personal trainer who looks half asleep in that early morning training session, and you should show them it’s a good thing to get up early and exercise. Show your client that being healthy leaves you looking and feeling great. This is awesome motivation for them, and influences them to want to book more time with you. Feeling and looking amazing is why people turn to PTs, don’t forget that! If you want to be a Personal Trainer but lack self-discipline to quit your vices, maybe it’s time to consider a different career path, or consider a new approach.

Don’t Exhaust Yourself - Free First-Time Personal Training Sessions Are A Bad Idea!

Giving away a free Personal Training session on the first visit is popular. It may seem appealing, especially to Personal Trainers first starting out, but it’s no way to run a sustainable business. Offering free sessions can make it looks as though you don’t much value the services that you offer. And while you may think that people will be grateful and eventually sign up with you, they also may be looking for another Personal Trainer to get a free session from. Even if you are running them in your early days, keep this in mind! There’s no sense in burning yourself out for no reason.

Keep Them In Mind

Keep all these strategies in mind, and you’re sure to make a great first impression on your client. Get out there, have fun, and give them a great workout that will leave them excited for more!

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