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Why the Personal Training Industry is Booming

 Why the Personal Training Industry is Booming

The Australian health and fitness industry has been booming over the last five years, with an increasing number of people turning to Personal Trainers and weight-loss programs. According to the latest IBISWorld’s Industry Report into Personal Trainers in Australia, a rising level of health consciousness in Australians is the reason behind our growing weight-loss and fitness industries, reported AusLeisure.

Australia’s high obesity levels combined with a culture that values a healthy body weight has produced a lucrative market for Personal Trainers. The risk of obesity increases with age, so Australia’s ageing population promises that this demand will only continue to grow.

If you look around most gyms, you’ll understand why many obese people would rather exercise with a Personal Trainer than by themselves. Most gyms are youth oriented, and most gym wear is designed to highlight body shape rather than hide it, which can make someone feel self-conscious if they don’t have a distraction like a Personal Trainer encouraging them. Group exercise programs can be great for weight-loss, but few obese people feel comfortable in classes which are designed for regular gym goers. Obesity related disease, flexibility issues, and joint problems can also make general classes unsuitable for this special demographic. 

Personal Trainers are seen to provide a barrier between the client and the rest of the gym. A trainer, who obviously fits in with the gym culture, plays an important part in helping obese clients feel as though they belong in the gym. The main role of the trainer is to apply their expert knowledge, and encourage their client to meet their fat loss goals.

To take advantage of this lucrative market, target your industry training towards understanding how obesity and ageing affects general health, exercise, and psychology. Become an expert in training clients with obesity-related diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems. Learn how to adapt exercises for obese clients, and devise ways to measure their success and ways to inspire them to keep exercising.

To specialise in ageing clients, become an expert in functional strength for ageing populations, including all the benefits of weight training to prevent osteoporosis, and consider doing a Diploma of Fitness.

Personal Trainers who specialise in fat loss and ageing populations are likely to have successful careers in this booming Australian market.

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