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What we do

Vision Personal TrainingVision provides 30 and 60 minute one on one Personal Training sessions in studio's approximately 150-200sqm. Our studios are small with only 6-8 trainers working together as a team to transform the lives of our clients. Our services mainly focus on the time poor overweight population. Hence our services concentrate on the four areas essential for achieving outstanding results in this area:

  1. Emotions via one on one coaching sessions,
  2. Education via Eating seminars, exercise seminars and shopping tours
  3. Eating via personalised nutrition plans)
  4. Exercise via one on one training sessions (weights and cardio), group sessions and our exclusive membership program

We have amazing accountability tools in our weekly report and regular 9 week goal sessions which helps guarantee results for our clients. We set and monitor their goals weekly.

Career Opportunities

Positions in Personal Training

To ensure that we deliver outstanding results, we are seeking enthusiastic, motivated trainers. No experience is required as each trainer we employ receives a PT mentor who personally trains them to become an outstanding personal trainer quickly. To assist in this process, we also provide our trainers 4 days of induction training, ongoing modules, weekly team training and individual meetings.  

Our trainers are not charged an upfront fee, rent nor are they locked into a time based contract. We provide our trainers with clients, take care of most of their administration requirements, provide uniforms, insurance, and give them incentives to earn great referral commissions and bonuses. We also guarantee our trainers an income whilst they build up to 35 hours of Personal Training per week

Opportunities to grow within the rapidly growing company

Our goal is to open 225 studios in 4 countries by 2013. Already our comprehensive training systems have provided amazing career opportunities for many people. Our systems give trainers the opportunity to: